Secretary Details

B Sysum
189 Cheltenham Road
01452 533048

Location of Meeting

Gloucester Farmer Club Ltd
1 Tewkesbury Road,

Lodge Meeting Dates

The Lodge meets every Thursday from 8 p.m.


Charity and Philanthropy

Many years ago when the order was first formed Buffaloes looked inwards towards its own families and orphans to help those who had fallen on hard times and support them through those times. Today the same is true but fortunately there are not too many in the order that require assistance in the same manner. In the Unity Lodge at the beginning of our, Charitable year 2004 .We normally vote upon charities put forward by the membership and elect the one, which receives the most votes.

This year (2005) we could not decide on just one so here is a run down on the support given by a lodge that has an average attendance of 14 brothers per week.

The Guide dogs for the Blind received £50.00, Winston's Wish (A counselling service for children who have lost a parent at a very young age). £2470.00, Look Gloucestershire (A group of parents and teachers of visually impaired children) £150.00, A School at Tewkesbury toward their own charity raising event. £50.00, St Dunstans School for the Blind £100.00, Carols Smile. (A charity to support research into Hodgkins disease and other Lymphomas) £1600.00 and of course the Tsunami Appeal £100.00 in total this comes to £4520.00.

Which I think you will agree is a very pleasing effort. During the same period we donated to the GP appeal and the PGP appeal just in case readers think we had complete forgotten our own. Our lodge continues to grow which seems to confirm you only reap what you sow.

Bro. Keith Robbins R.O.H. Honorary member